I don’t know about you, but back when I turned 16, the big event was usually fêted with a dinner out at Applebee’s and maybe, just maybe, we were transported there via stretch limo.  And we felt so sophisticated and adult!  So when I was approached to plan and style a Las Vegas themed Sweet Sixteen party that would take place on a yacht, complete with casino tables, I couldn’t help but look back on those simpler days with… fondness?  Or, something like that.  

First things first – the invitations.  In meeting with the birthday girl, I found out that her favorite colors are blue and purple and that she wanted the party to have a very cool night club vibe.    Her parents also wanted to incorporate a poker chip that would provide entrance into the party.  And that was it; the rest was up to me.  

Designing for a teenager is nerve-wracking!  Not because they’re difficult to please, but because it really is their world and we all just live in it.  Things are either cool… or they’re not.  And if it’s not, then it’s out.  Period.  And I really haven’t had any exposure to teenagers since, well, I was one.  So even though I feel like I’ve got a pretty good handle on what’s hip and stylish for my generation, I realized that I had no idea what was cool to today’s high schoolers.  But, I had a blast trying to get back into those shoes (Doc Martens, at least when I was 16) and coming up with these fun invitations that pay homage to “fabulous” Las Vegas.  Most importantly, the birthday girl loved them – whew!

I even heard that the unlucky classmates who didn’t receive an invite were bribing  each other for those special poker chips!  Don’t worry though, security was tight and no party crashers got through.  Stay tuned to see pics from this fabulous Sweet Sixteen next week.  You’ll wish you were a teen again!